SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ERP) solution focuses on business processes and data workflow across company departments.


SAP ERP allows you to generate general savings, reduce production costs and make your business more efficient through KPI analysis and processes enhancement.


Real sales and projected sales data feed into production objectives, supply purchasing planning, performance reporting and financial budgets in an integrated flow.
SAP ERP offers the following business modules:


• Production and Materials
• Human Resources
• Sales & Distribution
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
• Finance & Accounting
• Plant Maintenance (PM)
• others


The solution allows integrated management of business processes while each department operates independently.

Main advantages are the availability and sharing of data, increase in communication and data integrity, based on the utilization of a single database.

SAP ERP leads to better quality decision making throughout the company.

In the ERP solution processes are defined as a continuous and efficient series of events that can be managed easily.



Finance, Procurement, Production, Sales