SAP Leonardo

More and more things connect to each other every day, generating a great amount of data.
SAP Leonardo is the platform that combines real time data, connecting things, processes and people at the live digital core of the company.
SAP Leonardo transforms process automation and data analysis into true innovation from all devices connected to Internet of Things (IoT).


SAP Leonardo Bridge


Combines real time data from devices and equipment connected with business processes.


SAP Leonardo Foundation


Allows users to create end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions through apps services and algorithm predictions. Provides the ability of big data processing and data integration to execute predictive analysis.


SAP Leonardo for Edge Computing


Brings data processing independently from connectivity, latency time o machine protocol.


Three low-risk options to implement SAP Leonardo.


Express Edition


Quick implementation of predefined cases, also known as “industry accelerators”, such as IoT for retailers or machine learning for manufacturing. Eight week (or less) implementation with fixed price solutions


Open Innovation Edition


A new solution for your specific business challenges. From initial concept to functional prototype in nine weeks.


Enterprise Edition


For large organizations who run SAP and need to implement multiple specific solutions for their businesses.