Vanguard Software launched its first product for decision support analysis in 1995. Today, thousands of companies across every industry in more than 60 countries rely on Vanguard Software to build advanced predictive analytic systems.


Vanguard Software’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP), is a powerful cloud platform that supports forecasting and advanced-analytics.


The future is today. Shape it.


Use predictive algorithms for statistical forecasting.


Combine advanced analytics with automation and user insights.


As organizations grow, spreadsheets and home-grown financial planning become extremely inefficient and inaccurate.
Vanguard Budgeting & Forecasting Software is part of an integrated cloud platform designed to scale with your organization, supporting multiple teams and plans, and increasingly dynamic decision processes.


Vanguard Software automates manual processes to reduce planning and budgeting time, and it integrates with core ERP systems to ensure that you’re always working with the latest data.

  • Create advanced budgets, plans and forecasts
  • Reduce manual calculations minimizing errors
  • Automate workflows
  • Build budgets bottom-up, top-down, and middle-out (hybrid)
  • Create custom dashboards, reports and graphs
  • Apply rolling forecasts
  • Leverage 28 statistical times-series models (seasonal, days/months/holiday specific, ARIMA, growth rate, etc.)



Vanguard IBP for Supply Chain


Vanguard IBP for Supply Chain matches advanced analytics with automated workflow and diverse users’ collaboration.
This brings into the analysis the often missed planning criteria such as promotions, cannibalizations, competitor actions, supply changes, and phase-outs. In essence, Vanguard IBP for Supply Chain brings together inputs from multiple teams on a single platform.
Cloud and collaboration are the future. And future is today.


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