Manage all Procurement processes, obtain visibility, control expenses,
and generate savings in one integrated platform.
Download the “SAP Ariba Roadmap”.
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Manage all procurement processes, contracts and expense analysis in one place.

Download “SAP Ariba Roadmap”


Expand your suppliers and contractor base with Ariba Network, the largest B2B Marketplace in the world.

Download “SAP Ariba Roadmap”


Centralize contract management and archive with Ariba Contract Management, strengthen compliance and automatize contract lifecycle.

Download “SAP Ariba Roadmap”


Visualize updated reliable information on expenses, and performance and risk of every supplier.

Download “SAP Ariba Roadmap”

Expedite and control your buying process end to end, or enhance part of that process with specific tools. SAP Ariba will allow you to:

Reduce buying cycles 50%

Reduce Procurement costs 10%

Reduce processing costs 25% to 60%

Download the “SAP Ariba Roadmap” to discover the platform functionality and the innovation roadmap.

With SAP Ariba, you will get the broadest capabilities set available in the market: Ariba Sourcing – Ariba Contract Management – Ariba Supplier Management – Ariba Buying – Ariba Network – Ariba Spot Buy.