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With SAP Ariba you can consolidate and control all spending, end to end, on a single, integrated platform.

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SAP S/4 HANA brings improved efficiency and agility to the organization.
It´s the last generation ERP.

Live information on processes evolution and predictive analytics allow data-driven decision making. Empowerment and connectivity through all the value chain increase productivity and efficiency.

Either in an on-premise environment or through Cloud ERP, the last generation ERP expands your horizons.

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We can make your technological transformation easier


SAP Activate methodology for a quick implementation or migration to SAP S / 4 HANA in four phases.

PREPARE. Initial assessments

The project is initiated and planned. An assessment of current systems limitations is carried out and short, medium and long term objectives are established. There is also an assessment of processes, capacity, and budget. The project plan is defined to accomplish validated project objectives.


SAP Activate methodology for a quick implementation or migration to SAP S / 4 HANA in four phases.

EXPLORE. Blue Print

This is the blueprint print phase that comes from initial assessments. The Blue Print document and configuration proposed describe the solution, integrations and processes in detail, in order to be executed. Once the client has approved, the team moves into customizing and project implementation.


SAP Activate methodology for a quick implementation or migration to SAP S / 4 HANA in four phases.

REALIZE. Customizing

Our team configures and extends the system ensuring regular validation and feedback from the business. Customizing, software development, testing and final approvals take place during this phase.


SAP Activate methodology for a quick implementation or migration to SAP S / 4 HANA in four phases.

DEPLOY. Moving to production

Moving to production environment by performing cut-over activities in production environment and support production environment.


People + Technology. Together we make it possible.


We offer the project administration service, from planning stages, scope setting, assembling professional teams, establishing objectives and work methodologies, to achieve goals in planned times.

Our staff has working experience in Project Administration in different industries and multi-location projects that involve remote working.


The successful implementation of a project resides in: methodology and human/professional team.

We build teamworks along with our clients adding value from the technical perspective and collaborative work.

We apply the SAP Activate methodology for an agile implementation or migration to SAP S/4 HANA, combining best practices, guided customization and optimized methodology.


We count on our professional team dedicated to software development, specialized in software components production according to client´s specifications.

From our clients´ requirements, we validate functional design, estimate resources needed, establish a timeline, and we build, test, and once approved we implement the development.

Either on Project phase or Support phase, we build software remotely, using best practices from SAP.

Outsourcing software development through our Software Factory brings the following benefits:

  • Savings in human resources structure / fixed costs.
  • Immediate response to high demand peaks.
  • Decrease in execution times.
  • Standardization of methodology and production process.
  • Quality in coding, testing and implementation of developments.


Database engines: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase


The outsourcing of administrative processes through our Shared Services Hub allows you to maintain a lighter human resources structure, sustain service levels and keep up schedules, while your own staff focuses in core business processes.


We develop support schemes according to client´s requirements to ensure systems continuity.

We establish scope, functions, preventive and corrective measures to deliver appropriate support service.

We offer three main support levels.

Level 1. Function: users´ support and ticket registration.

Level 2. Function: incident resolution.

Level 3. Function: evolution monitoring and system improvement.


Training your own staff to become SAP experts is expensive and time demanding. Contracting specialized external resources is more efficient.

We offer the services of SAP certified resources for all SAP modules and ABAP programming.


Documentation of systems and processes is fundamental to achieve certification on a quality program.

We elaborate detailed and structured documentation that describes system functions, processes and resources involved.

Documented information and training are key to rest assured that processes are running according to plan.


Technological transformation is real. And much needed.
We offer IT strategic consulting to make that transformation a successful one. From the assessment of initial infrastructure and current and future needs we elaborate a diagnosis, recommendation, a transformation plan, budget, and action plan for a successful transformation. We are more than IT advisors, we facilitate your technological transformation.

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