What is SAP Fieldglass?
SAP Fieldglass is SAP's platform for managing external resources and service contracts.
SAP Fieldglass helps companies find, recruit, manage and optimize their external workforce; including temporary workers, independent contractors, and service providers through Statements of Work (SOW).

The external workforce is a key element to achieve a competitive advantage

There are 4 trends in relation to the external workforce that companies that can identify and manage them efficiently achieve a competitive advantage.

Growing Outsourcing

On average 44% of the total workforce is made up of external workers and this percentage continues to rise..

It’s about the core business

The external workforce has become essential to the company’s core operations and increasingly critical to business strategy.

It’s not just cost control

While cost control is still important, it is no longer the only reason to bring in an external workforce.

Absolute Visibility

Having visibility into who our external workforce is, where they are, what their tasks are, and managing KPIs provides a robust competitive advantage.

SAP Fieldglass: the solution

SAP Fieldglass is an open, cloud-based solution that integrates with your ERP (on premise or cloud), and is being used globally.


Savings in managed spend


ROI in less than 12 months


Adoption in under 20 weeks


Native integration


satisfied clients in over 120 countries

Those industries with a high percentage of their spending oriented to the contracting of external services are the ones that achieve the greatest capitalization with the incorporation of SAP Fieldglass.







Commercial Models according to your needs

We offer various commercial contracting models.

We market licenses and carry out implementation projects under the SAP Agile methodology with a technical team designated for each project.

We configure the platform according to the requirements and definitions, and then make it available for customer use.

We carry out the Purchasing processes leveraging on the Ariba platform, to achieve the business objectives agreed with the client.

Download the “SAP Fieldglass” brochure to discover the functionalities of this platform.

With SAP Fieldglass you will get the widest suite of functionalities on the market: Assignment Management, Contingent Workforce, Services (SOW), Worker Profile

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